COSDU Orientation events happening soon! Stay tuned for more details or visit our facebook page for more updates.Looking forward to see you at our Welcome food & Games & Welcome Mass!

Volunteers for O-Week Events

Cosdu is in search for volunteers to help out with O-week events. Please email email if you are interested or contact Ruth.

Sign Language Creativity Classes

Sign Language Creativity Classes to start on the 15th of Nov! Please contact Jeanne or Emmanuel for more info or email to sign up!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Last Friday, we had a guest speaker from the Missionaries of God's Love (MGL) Sisters, Sr Melanie speak to us on matters of Discernment. Personally, I've heard at least 3 Discernment talks over the past year from the MGLs but they are never the same and the talks have continued to open my eyes. Thus, I intend to write about it so as to share with all of you who did not manage to make it for the COSDU session on 28th March 2014 :)

By becoming discerning people, we allow God to use us, and we surrender our lives to Him. Discerning is not about making decisions that are right and wrong. There is no good or evil (an interesting example given was becoming a priest or a bank robber). Rather, discerning is finding out the choice that suits us, and the choice that allows us to love and praise God more.

Sr Melanie shared with us that our first step in discerning is Knowing. We have to know ourselves first - what drives us? our interests?. Besides that, we need to know God, not just knowing about Him in our minds, but knowing Him in our hearts. This can only be achieved through silence (quiet time to listen to the soft promptings of God), the Eucharist and the Scriptures.

Next, some practical points about Discernment was presented through an acronym:
Don't panic
Ignatian Exercises - what would you do if you were to:
                                  (a) advise another person,
                                  (b) be on your death bed
                                  (c) stand before God on the Last day
Seek Jesus
Career or Vocation - Career is the particular way of living out your vocation [envision a cross - the vertical
                                     beam is your vocation while the horizontal beam is your career]
Extra Ideas - (a) John 1:35-39 "What do you want?"
                     (b) In 10 years, I would like to be....
                     (c) Imagine each possibility and live as though that was your decision (a day/week in a life) and
Review advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) and weigh it well (not by quantity but quality!)
Notice the signs - life, joy, peace and desires
Move - take steps! Do not ignore!
Enjoy the present moment - Life is good
No single right way - different ways to make a decision and remember, God makes all things good!
Talk to.... - Spiritual Director, members of the vocation you are interested in (priest, married men/women,..),
                       community sharing

Sr Melanie then told a story of 3 Trees. *note that I shortened it somewhat with a little variation*
There were 3 Trees on a hill who shared their hopes and dreams. One wanted to be a treasure chest that would hold the world's greatest treasures and gems, one wanted to be a ship that sailed across the oceans with the world's greatest kings on board and one wanted to be the tallest tree that points to the heavens so that people will look to it and remember God.
Now the woodcutters came and chopped down the trees. The first two were excited to see their dreams fulfilled while the third was sad that its dream is shattered. However, the first was made into an animal's feeding box, the second a small boat and the third was cut into logs and set aside. And the trees began to give up.
Then came one day, in a manger, a baby was born in the feeding box and the first tree realised that it is holding the greatest treasure the world has ever and will know. Some years later, in the boat made from the second tree, a man calmed the storm at sea and the second tree realised that the greatest, most powerful king in all the world is sailing in its boat. Finally, a man was hung on the cross made from the third tree's log and until today, the whole world look to that cross and see God.
The message of the story was that all 3 trees had their dreams fulfilled but in totally unimaginable ways.
So, remember that God loves us very much that he only wants what is best for us and will provide us with all that we need.

Finally, I would like to share with you the prayer of Discernment.

God of my life,                                                   
I give you thanks and praise that I have life, and that my life is filled with touches of your love.
You have given me a heart that wants to be happy, and you have placed in me a desire to make a difference.
Quiet the fears and distractions of my heart long enough for me to listen to the movement of your Spirit, to hear your gentle invitation. Reveal to me the choices that will make me happy.Help me to discover my identity.
Let me understand how best to use the gifts You have so lovingly lavished upon me in preparation for our journey together.
And give me the courage to choose You as You have chosen me.
Lord, let me know myself and let me know You. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 Annual Tertiary Mass

2014 Annual Tertiary Mass 
18th March @ St Mary of the Cross Chapel, ACU

'Before we get all caught up with the year and studies, let us stop for a moment of silence, a moment of solitude - a moment with God'

Note: COSDU is organizing a pick up to go to mass together. Please express interest below if you would like to join us and we will get back to you.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Highlights of 2013

Dear Coasduans,

2013 has been an great year of friendship, growth, love and the learning of Christ for us all at COSDU. I'd like to briefly highlight some of our time here in 2013 and I hope these will not only bring back fond memories of our time together but also to re-visit what we've learned this past year! 

2013 Timeline


O-Week Orientation 
Semester 1 of 2013 

Welcome Mass at Newman Chapel
Semester 1 of 2013

Fund Raising BBQ Sizzle at St Francis 


Easter Camp 2013  
Rediscovering Grace


Visit to the Little Sisters Of The Poor (LSOP)
Social Justice Outing Event



O-Week Orientation Booth
Semester 2 for 2013

Welcome Mass at Newman Chapel
Semester 2 for 2013

O-Week Welcome BBQ
Semester 2 for 2013


 UMSU Festival of Nations
South Lawn Melbourne University

Fr Andy Hamilton talks to COSDU about Protestants & Catholics 
on one of our weekly Friday session.

Sports Day 2013

Brother Luke talks to COSDU
on the 7 Deadly Sins & Lively Virtues


Catholics Voices talks to COSDU
at our Controversial Q&A Session.

COSDU teams up with 'Trick or Eat 2013' on Halloween
to collect food for the Asylum Seekers Resource Center. 



COSDU launches 'Sign Language Creativity'

Sunday, October 27, 2013

COSDU Prayer Competition 2013

Dear Cosduans,

As announced in the Exam Mass last Friday, COSDU is proud to announce it's first ever COSDU Student Prayer Competition 2013.

The University of Melbourne Catholics of One Spirit Down Under (COSDU) Catholic Society is searching for an official prayer. 
This prayer should encapsulate COSDU's mission of Growing Together in Christ and its essence of 'prayer', 'love', 'fellowship' and 'discovery'.

All members of COSDU are welcomed to submit an unlimited amount of entries to the competition. Entries may be submitted individually or by a team of up to 2 members. What better way than this great opportunity to utilize your God given talents!

Only one prayer will be selected as COSDU's official prayer. The Winning Prayer will be announced during 'Welcome Food & Games' of Semester 1, 2014. The creator(s) of the Winning Prayer will receive a Special Edition COSDU T-Shirt(s)!

Click on this LINK to download the full Competition Brief.

Entries may be submitted via email to or the Google Form:

Further queries can be made via email to

So what are you waiting for,  get your thinking cap on for this very special opportunity and be part of COSDU History!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

SMAN 2013 by The All Saints Youth Choir

Hi guys & gals,

The photos of the recent Sacred Music Appreciation Night 2013 by the All Saints Youth Choir in Fitzroy are up! In case you missed it, this years Sacred Music Appreciation Night was themed "Rise Up" and was lead by our very own cosduan - Ben Wong. The concert also featured the St Francis Youth choir from Melbourne and the children from the Secret Heart School in Carlton featuring Harmony in the Strings Program.

In light of the Year of Faith and World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, 'Rise Up' embraces the theme of Mission. Encouraged and empowered by Jesus to be His disciples in our world today. As said by Pope Francis: “Do not be afraid to go and to bring Christ into every area of life, to the fringes of society, even to those who seem farthest away, most indifferent.” Embraced by faith, "Rise Up" calls to be disciples and our call to mission! ‘Rise Up’ is the way to answer this call, through singing songs of prayer and praise as one body in Christ.

The All Saints Youth Choir are primarily made up of Cosdu members and hold choir practices every Saturday in All Saints Parish Hall and sings regularly for the 2nd Sunday of each month from march to October. All Saints Youth Choir welcomes anyone who has the passion to sing to join the choral family. Practices are usually held on Saturdays, 5-7pm at All Saints Parish Hall. Please contact for any further enquiries or email and you will be directed to the right person :)

View the entire photo album of the evening on Flickr at

To hear them, visit our youtube page at

or visit them on their Facebook Page at

Monday, October 07, 2013

Cosduans Speak on Faith Formation & Experiences

Dear Cosduans,

This coming Friday, COSDU will be hosting a social justice session that focuses on our very own COSDU members sharing their faith formation experiences though charity.

The speakers for the session are or have all been involved in not only experiences of charity but have demonstrated significant input to COSDU in both the past & present. The speakers of the night consist of Ramesh Richards SJ, Janan LeeChristopher Ngu and Michael Chae.

The session will touch on the influences of prayer in our daily lives and how the speakers perceive their acts of charity are essentially the fruits of prayer. Though the reflection of our relationship what God that the desire to do works of charity itself may manifest. It is a reflection of our desire for what is good and ultimately only good can come from God. 

As part of a new initiative by COSDU,  parts of the session will be recorded which will be webcasted here on the COSDU Blog. Do stay tuned and be part of this new development! 

God Bless & See you this Friday!