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COSDU Exam Calendar Semester 1 2014

Let us pray for each other as we face our Semester Final Exams and we also pray for the lecturers and tutors who will by assessing our assignments and papers.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Committee Portfolio's

Dear Cosduans,

The current committee portfolio's are up! Please feel free to browse though any roles that might interest you for the coming year. Pray and think about whether running in the COSDU committee is something you're called to do and if it is, we hope you take up the challenge as we did a year ago. We have been truly blessed to be able to serve all of you in COSDU thus far and we hope that our COSDU family will continue to grow and nurture its current and future members in love and faith. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact any of us!! See you at our AGM this Friday at Newman College Oratory!

God Bless,
The Cosdu Committee 13/14

President: Bernice Lim

As stipulated by our constitution, these are the roles of the president:
·      Take care of each ministry in COSDU
·      Oversee and ensure the overall smooth running of COSDU
·      Keep the Spiritual Directors informed of COSDU’s wellbeing
·      Supervise and delegate tasks to committee members
·      Chair and prepare AGM
·      Call and chair committee meetings
·      Liaise with The Archdiocese
·      Attend AGM and other necessary training conducted by UMSU

However, in COSDU we’re more than just a list of duties and responsibilities. If you have a vision for COSDU, an idea of how to improve COSDU, whether its how to help the members grow in their Catholic faith, how to make Catholicism more present in our secular campus or what we do to help Catholic students live their faith, then the role of president may just be for you.

In my role as president so far, the most important thing that I’ve learnt is to trust God. Remember that we are His hands and feet and we do our best to serve Him and give glory to His name in all we do. Remember that no matter what you do, He will provide you with the grace and resources to make it happen. All you need is a willing heart.
‘He doesn’t call the worthy, he makes worthy those who are called and the ones who respond to His call,’ were the words that inspired me to accept this role a year ago.

On the way, you’ll develop your own leadership style and grow your organizational abilities if you are willing to learn and open to growth. As Christian leaders we’re called to serve. The role of president of COSDU is one that involves much service and behind the scene works. It’s important to liase with the spiritual directors, archdiocesan office for Youth, and different youth groups to help COSDU expand its horizons as well. Within the committee, a president’s role is more of a facilitative one. You pull strings and oversee the running of COSDU and make sure things get done by leading discussions and chairing meetings. Help and support your committee members. Be there for them physically and emotionally when problem arises.

Each leader is different in the way they approach their roles, but know that you will always have the support of your team members, spiritual directors and past committee members in your undertaking. Also, ‘if God is for us, who can stand against us?’ He will be your best guide and support and if you do take up this challenge, and He will see you through it all.

So if you do take up this role, know that you will be blessed beyond your own expectations and you will grow both in faith and as a person if you trust and rely upon God.

God Bless,

Vice President: Christopher Ngu

In my initial years of joining COSDU, I told myself “Man, don’t ever think of joining the committee. There’s nothing you can do really well there anyway. Just being a member is fine.” And yes, that was the idea I withheld for a year or two more. To any of you out there sharing the same mind set as Chris from 2010, please allow me to try and change your mind! So please, bear with me.

Before I begin, allow me to clarify one thing: this is definitely not an entry to attempt to brag about the work/effort I’ve put into this role. Rather, it is one to encourage those whose thoughts or feelings may resonate with mine, be it from myself of the past or from present times.

The idea of taking up the role of Vice-President, or any role in the committee to be frank, didn’t come straight off the bat for me – well it took 4 years. I was apprehensive of my capabilities and whether or not I would really be able to contribute to the society through any of the committee roles. But sometimes there come incidents where doing has to come before thinking, and for me, taking up the role of Vice-President was one of those times.

To shed some light on the role of being a Vice-President, it can sound incredibly daunting and intimidating right from the start! Trust me, I know. But once you get past those feelings of intimidation, you find a role which for most of the part may not necessarily require and depend on your individual contributions alone. No, this is definitely a role which sees you drawing on help from all the other members of the committee!

The main responsibilities of the Vice-President are few, but require persistence and perseverance. This is all from memory, so forgive me if I miss out on anything:

           Organise Welcome Barbeque events at the beginning of each semester
           Being the main correspondent with UMSU International for events such as Night Market (Semester 1) and Festival of Nations (Semester 2)
           Keeping an inventory of the contents of the COSDU cupboard

Of course, as the name of the role suggests, you will have to work closely with the President, and step in if times require you to do so.

As suggested by previous portfolios, you don’t need special skills/superpowers to be able to fill this role. All it requires is an open heart, a desire to help and of course space for you to be formed by God through this position. So please do not feel pressured by the weight of this role. It will take time to settle into it, but it will happen nonetheless.

To anyone of you who may possibly be considering the role, I will gladly try to be of any assistance in any way in your path of discerning the role, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

In Christ,
Chris Ngu

Secretary: Jeanne Chiew

Thank you for answering the call to consider running for the role of Secretary. Your open heart is truly a blessing. In this portfolio, I will do my best to share with you what is expected of you for this position as well as share my experiences in this position.

Due to the mainly administrative responsibilities, the position of Secretary is well suited for those who are well-organized and has a critical mind. In addition, to run for this position or any position for that matter, one must have the heart to serve the COSDU community.

To summarise the Constitution, the responsibilities of a Secretary fall in the categories:

  • COSDU: Committee Meeting Minutes, Weekly Announcements (including blog updates in this regard) and any other administrative areas (wherever needed. examples include event reminders, grant related issues, etc)
  • UMSU: liaise with UMSU and MUOSS, attend UMSU training (AGM, Grant, etc), maintenance of Membership List, Constitution and ensure adherence with C&S rules and regulations
  • Special: Oversee AGM planning (especially documents)

In my term as COSDU's Secretary, besides being able to contribute to the community that helped me grow in fellowship and faith, I discovered that I have come to know myself a bit better in terms of the skills and abilities that I have. Also, I have enjoyed working with a group of diverse personalities and talents who have never failed to impress me on what they can do, individually, and together as a team.

For those who are having doubts about your ability to take on this role, let me tell you this: I wasn't sure myself whether I could do it. But without trying new things, one can never learn and grow or discover more of yourself that you never knew before. I know for sure that God has blessed each and every one of you with beautiful and unique gifts which are waiting for you to unwrap. So, have a go at this and see for yourself.

I do not wish to bore you further with details, so, if you have any questions about this position, please feel free to approach me about it. I am ready to help you better understand the role or even about the whole committee.

God Bless,